Former Liverpool captain Gerrard is certainly in the conversation for the Premier League’s midfield GOAT.

The former England international is often compared to Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes and yes, all three have their own backers, typically fans of the club each played for. However, Toure also has a claim to the title.

Image credit: AlamyWhile the former Manchester City midfielder might not have been around in England’s top tier as long as the English trio, he certainly shone when he arrived on these shores.

One fan has posted a video of Toure’s highlights while at City and it’s tough to argue just how good the Ivorian was at his peak.

Of course, the controversial take, and specifically the comparison with the former Liverpool captain, got people talking on social media.

One said, “You could have just said Toure or Prime Toure is the most complete CM in premier league history but no you had to mention Gerrard. It says everything.”

Whilst another also backed the Rangers manager, adding, “Gerrard was an elite passer, could dribble, drove forward with power, was fast, elite shooting & finishing, great tackler, strong, good in the air, free kick specialist, great set piece taker & elite penalty taker. The most complete midfielder in Prem history for 15+ years. Hush.”

However, a City fan came to bury Gerrard not praise him and replied, “Gerrard was a long shot passion merchant and Lampard was a second striker who stat padded penalties. Prime Yaya is miles ahead of both in terms of ability.”

The Gerrard and Lampard partnership never really worked for England. Image: PA ImagesOne Liverpool fan gave a perfectly measured argument for both men, adding, “Difficult to argue who is better as either would have walked into any team in the world at their peak. Top 5 MFs ever in the PL is probably something like Gerrard, Keane, Kante, Yaya, Viera. Without trying to order them.”

That’s not the kind of sense you expect to see on social media!

Whilst there’s an argument for and against Gerrard, there is no argument about his performance in the Champions League final in 2005.