It wasn’t just Lionel Messi and Argentina who hit the jackpot after winning the World Cup – it turns out a young Australian footballer perhaps did too.

Fans reckon Cameron Devlin is now rolling in the cash after his Lionel Messi jersey sky-rocketed in price in the wake of the World Cup final.

But this wasn’t just any old No.10 shirt Devlin somehow managed to get ahold of, it was actually from Messi’s 1000th professional game for club and country.

And with Messi now adding the World Cup to his essay-long resume, that kit’s value could be far greater than first anticipated.

After Argentina beat the Socceroos 2-1 in the Round of 16, a number of Aussie players lined up outside the Argentinian dressing rooms to nab a photograph or even a souvenir if they were fortunate.

While most of the Australians only managed to walk away with a picture alongside greatness, one lucky lad somehow managed to pinch his jersey too.

This also happened to be the kit he wore in his 1000th professional football match.

Well, now fans believe that shirt could be worth a small fortune – if it wasn’t already.

A-League Memes said: “Big congratulations to Cameron Devlin and Mitch Duke whose Messi jerseys in the pool room just went up in price exponentially.”

Meanwhile, a lad on Twitter asked: “How much do you reckon Cam Devlin’s Messi 1000th game shirt is worth now?”

Speaking about how he actually got his hands on the jersey, Devlin said: “I went on [the pitch] and consoled all the boys first and then shook Messi’s hand.

“No-one had said anything so I just tried my luck and he said, ‘I’ll see you inside,’ and that’s what happened.

“I definitely wanted one of the other boys to have the opportunity first, but no-one took it, so I thought why not?”

He added: “I don’t know if it will be on his wall at home or maybe still on the ground in that changing room but I’m not fussed — it’s more that I got his.

“I was surprised he even took mine.

“He definitely wouldn’t know who I am, but he’s a nice enough bloke and a humble enough bloke to still show that respect, and that’s obviously super nice, but I wasn’t too worried about what my jersey was doing at that stage.”