UFC President Dana White is using the promotion’s social media channels to showcase his new “Power Slap” fighting league, uploading videos of violent knockouts from the controversial sporting activity while promoting upcoming episodes.

MMA fans are NOT happy about it, especially with UFC 284 less than a week away.

In fact, Instagram users are unfollowing the channel en masse because the promotion appears to be more concerned with saving its dwindling Power Slap audience than hyping up UFC 284, a complaint similar to the one levied by one of its headliners just last week.

Here’s a sample of the latest grievances:

Unfollowed the ufc, f*ck this shit. Promote the second fight in history between p4p #1 and #2 after Jon Jones and DC, not this slap nonsense

Stop promoting this (expletive) and not giving the spotlight to UFC 284 ISLAM VS VOLK

We got number 1 and number 2 p4p fighting and he promoting slap league that no one wanna see

How do I not see this? Unfollow the Ufc.

ufc stop posting this shit!

This is f*cking stupid and i’m not interested. I’ve unfollowed the powerslap account but if you tag UFC, i’ll be forced to unfollow that as well, which is rather not do.

Still not promoting P4P Volk vs Islam?


Crazy to me that ufc is promoting Power Slap more than UFC 284

UFC might wanna read the room.

Power Slap airs every Weds. night on TBS and will reportedly stage a championship pay-per-view (PPV) after Season 1 concludes in March. As for UFC 284, that event pits Alex Volkanovski against Islam Makhachev for the 155-pound title this weekend in Perth.

For more on that upcoming “champ champ” card click here.