Manchester United fans’ prayers have finally been answered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to buy the football club in an extravagant tweet that has sent football fans into meltdown.

The billionaire tweeted: “Also I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.”

Although Musk has a history of erratic and unconventional plans and ideas, Red Devils fans will be rejoicing at the prospect of new ownership.

United supporters have been at odds with their current owners the Glazers since the Americans bought the club, and things have only gotten worse.

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United currently sit bottom of the English Premier League and fans place the blame majorly on their ownership.

Things have only been getting worse in recent years, with the team on the pitch and the facilities at Old Trafford, and the club’s training ground, declining with no investment from the owners’ money, as they continue to only take it out of the club.

There are currently plans in place for the fans to boycott the club’s next match at Old Trafford against huge rivals Liverpool.

Fans protest against the Glazers. Image: AlamyThe hashtag #EmptyOldTrafford has been gathering momentum on social media, with the latest plan meaning fans will empty their seats and leave the stadium looking bare. 

Of course, we can never really know whether Musk is joking or not, and perhaps the outrageous tweet was more of a way to draw away focus from his previous tweet.

Musk had tweeted: “To be clear, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party!”

However, United supporters will be hoping he can use some of his extraordinary fortunes to pay the Glazers their hefty AU$7 million (£4 billion) asking price.

Fans online were salivating at the prospect, while others took the opportunity to poke fun at United’s expense.

One fan tweeted: “He found out about all the space in our midfield.”

Another said: “If they keep playing like they have been you’ll get a discount.”

Whilst another tweeted: “Please send Maguire to Mars.”

Of course, there was the odd Arsenal fan in the comments trying to put the attention on the North London side instead.

They tweeted: “Buy Arsenal pls.”

The SpaceX CEO is currently trying to exit his AU$62 billion (US$44b, £36b) deal to buy the social media company, according to Yahoo Finance. 

For Manchester United fan’s sake, we hope the billionaire can indeed pull out of the deal and use some of those saved funds to purchase the English side.