Eddie Hearn thinks KSI would earn an eight-figure sum from fighting Jake Paul.

“Clearly your card is dead in the water at this point. So lemme give you a lifeline,” KSI wrote on Twitter. “If you TRULY want to fight Tommy, fight on my card as the co main event.

“I’ve got everything set up for you. Best believe you owe me though. Ball is in your court.”

Jake Paul and KSI have exchanged words on numerous occasions in the past, and fans believe that match-up is the holy grail of the so-called ‘celebrity boxing world’.

Now, boxing promoter Hearn has spoken about the potential fight during his appearance on the JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast.

When asked what might happen if Jake Paul were to ever take on KSI, Hearn said: “I think that’s a very easy fight for Jake Paul, at the level he’s been boxing at now, with what he’s been doing in the gym. 

“You know, he’s been doing this for like two years – consistently training, sparring, proving, he’s made a lot of improvements. 

“It’s a massive fight, but the problem is, when it comes down to ego and all that kind of stuff, the reality is it’s very unlikely that KSI would win that fight, so in your world – of that YouTube environment – how detrimental is it to KSI’s brand and career to lose to Jake Paul, versus the money that he would make in that fight? 

“He’s probably gonna make £10 million fight for that fight.” 

Image credit: AlamyHearn also spoke about Anthony Joshua’s career and his thoughts on Tyson Fury during the hour long chat. You can listen to the full podcast HERE.