Ebanie Bridges made a huge impression during her weigh-in for Saturday night’s fight with Shannon O’Connell, and Eddie Hearn didn’t know what to do with himself.

IBF bantamweight champion Bridges has made the UK her second home, having had her previous four fights in England with mixed success.

After losing a world title fight against Shannon Courtenay in her fight bout over here, the Australian boxer has become a huge hit.

Those critics are often due to the Blonde Bomber’s looks, with some believing that her position is only because of them, and not her skill.

On Friday she certainly caused a massive stir, when she turned up to the weigh in wearing see through lingerie, leaving Matchroom Boxing chief Hearn looking rather uncomfortable.

No doubt fans of the world champion would have been enjoying her outfit, and fans were also enjoying Hearn’s reaction, as he didn’t appear to know where to look.

“Looks like that takes a lot of willpower Eddie Hearn,” one fan posted.

A second added, “I see tears in Eddie’s eyes trying to focus forward.”

Laughing at the promoter having to look straight forward the entire time, a third said, “The struggle is really for Eddie, he dare not blink.”

Typing what must have been going on through Hearn’s head, one just said, “‘Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down.”

And another summed it up perfectly, saying, “F**k me if Eddie concentrates any harder at looking straight ahead he’ll pass out.”

Bridges, who gets plenty of weird requests from fans, posted the picture with the caption “I just can’t,” with her laughing in the picture, potentially at her rival and potentially at Hearn.

O’Connell has been less than respectful to the Aussie, calling her a “skanky stripper” for what she often wears to weigh-ins, ahead of her fights.

“That’s bulls**t. She’s a fat c**t. There’s no chance she was weighing 55 kilos this morning,” the 39-year-old, also from Australia, had said about her upcoming opponent.

Previously O’Connell had posted a picture of her rival running onto social media, with the caption, “It would appear her flavour is meat pies… just saying.”

Bridges certainly impressed on the weigh ins. Image: AlamyBridges will once again have huge support in Leeds, where she won her world title, having adopted the city as her second home.

She supports Leeds United, as does Josh Warrington, who will be in the main event on Saturday night, against Luis Alberto Lopez.

The Englishman is defending his |BF Featherweight title against the Mexican, with Matchroom showing England’s quarter final against France in the arena during the show.