Ex-Bellator fighter Dillon Danis is getting set to settle his beef with KSI inside the boxing ring on January 14.

The pair squared off in a backstage altercation at a Misfits boxing event where Danis attempted to take a swipe at the boxer.

Soon after the fight was announced for January 14 at Wembley Arena in London.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter hasn’t stepped inside a professional combat sports setting since 2019 when he fought in Bellator.

Danis had been tipped for success in MMA, having been part of Conor McGregor’s training crew, however, his career came to a standstill due to injuries.

Now that he’s back and getting squared to go toe-to-toe inside a boxing setting, the MMA fighter has been posting update videos of his training progress.

Only, some fans are pointing out that he may just be training for the wrong sport.

While El Jefe is an equipped grappler, he’ll be going into a pure striking game against KSI.

However, that hasn’t stopped him for seemingly focusing on grappling, at least according to his training videos posted to Twitter.

On November 30, he tweeted: “Great training today for my upcoming bout with KSI.”

The tweet came accompanied by a video of himself and a sparring partner jostling for position on the mat.

He later again tweeted out a video in a similar vein with himself and a training opponent wrestling across the mat.

Fans were quick to point out that Danis may just have his wires twisted.

One fan tweeted: “Does he know it’s a boxing match though? Bro didn’t read the contract.”

Another said tongue-in-cheek: “KSI is DONE, since we all know that grappling is the key element of boxing.”

A third added: “Got a football game Sunday, best I practice my basketball free throws. What a helmet this guy is.”

A fourth wrote: “I wonder if Dillon is telling us indirectly that he’s gonna tackle KSI and star grappling him mid-boxing match.”

I mean, who knows, it could all be a ploy to throw KSI and his fans off.

Regardless, KSI is more than confident when he comes up against the MMA star.

He tweeted: “Me vs Dillon Danis might be the easiest fight of my life you know.

“I don’t even need to rain that hard lol.”

A whole lot of trash talk ahead of January 14.