Derek Chisora has put his foot down on what he thinks of the spectacle surrounding Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s fight.

The two are set to finally take each other on in Saudi Arabia on February 26.

And while the entertainment factor of it has certainly intrigued a whole new audience of fans, boxing purists aren’t best pleased.

Especially now that the WBC is considering giving Jake Paul a Cruiserweight ranking if he were to be victorious in the bout.

Credit: PA Images / AlamyLast week, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed that Paul would climb into the cruiserweight rankings if he is able to dispatch Fury in Saudi Arabia.

“WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman, confirms that if Jake Paul wins his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury, the WBC ratings committee will rank him in the cruiserweight division,” read a statement on WBC’s website.

Chisora has generally been a fan of the entertainment that Paul brings to the table when it comes to boxing, and has been in Saudi Arabia to help promote the fight.

However, in an interview with JOE, he claimed he wasn’t a fan of the idea that the ‘Problem Child’ could move ahead of other boxers on the rankings.

He said: “I don’t think he’d deserve it. It’s hard enough for real boxers to earn those rankings.

“But then WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman decides to give double ranking because he’s getting some greens in his back pocket. No, that is a disgrace to boxing. That is unfair.”

Despite taking exception to that idea, the popular heavyweight has generally been warming up to the YouTube boxing scene.

He continued: “I’ve not embraced it, but you have to understand that times are changing, the world is changing right now and you have to evolve with it.

“Back in the day there was all like cowboys running around on horses, then cars came in, so things are changing and we just have to evolve with it.

“It’s hard because the original boxing fans don’t pay so much attention to boxing any more so [there’s a] younger crowd.

“Me growing up, I was into Rocky, a big Rocky fan. But people don’t watch Rocky any more, they watch Creed and times are moving on now so we just have to get on with it.”

Jake Paul has certainly ruffled some feathers in the boxing world – particularly former WBC champion and boxing legend Carl Froch.

Paul suggested that Froch take on Anderson Silva on the undercard of one of his boxing cards, however, the retired boxer certainly didn’t like that idea.

Paul then suggested that Froch was jealous of the amount of money he’d made so far in his career.

Froch told Paul: “You’re not a professional fighter, you’re a performing clown. That’s all you are.

“So keep my name out of your mouth until you’ve done something in the game.

“I think this Sunday your world ends. If it doesn’t and you are stupid enough to take a fight with me, when this right hand lands on your chin, I will put you into f****** orbit and knock that stupid barnet off the top of your head.”