Derek Chisora has been coined the new ‘Salt Bae’ following his interruptive exploits during the Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight.

Salt Bae became football enemy number one following the World Cup grand final after somehow making his way into Argentina’s celebrations.

Between holding the World Cup trophy (a complete no-no in football) and pestering Lionel Messi, Salt Bae turned out to be a real annoyance.

In fact, FIFA launched an investigation into how he was allowed to gatecrash the final in Doha.

Another sporting event was held in the Middle East, albeit nowhere near on the scale, with Paul and Fury finally battling it out in Saudi Arabia.

Heavyweight Derek Chisora was in attendance helping promote the fight, and well, it seems like he was sticking his nose anywhere he could.

And one moment, in particular, has had fans comparing him to a celebrity chef.

Two sporting superstars Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo lined up to get a snap together, but the 39-year-old decided he wanted in on the action.

Filming himself photobombing the pair, fans quickly drew up their comparisons.

One commented: “Chisora is like Salt Bae at a World Cup final.”

Another said: “Derek Chisora giving off Salt Bae World Cup final vibes.”

One user quipped: “Chisora is going full Salt Bae in this fight. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wears the belt himself.”

A fourth added: “Chisora loves a camera lol..”

The boxer seemed to be covering every angle of the event and managed to be everywhere the cameras were.

For someone that seemed intent on being in and around the action as much as possible, he surprisingly wasn’t that huge of a fan of the bout.

While Paul lost the fight, the WBC had confirmed that he would’ve gotten a ranking if he had won – a move Chisora wasn’t a fan of.

In an interview with JOE, he said: “I don’t think he’d deserve it. It’s hard enough for real boxers to earn those rankings.

“But then WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman decides to give double ranking because he’s getting some greens in his back pocket. No, that is a disgrace to boxing. That is unfair.”