Jiri Prochazka is as unique as they come.

The Czech Republic’s finest fighting son wasn’t happy with his title-winning effort against Glover Teixeira in June 2022 at UFC 275 (watch highlights). In preparation for their upcoming rematch at UFC 282 on Dec. 10, 2022, in Las Vegas, Prochazka recently shared that he did some extreme levels of meditation.

While meditation is nothing new for “Denisa,” for this latest session, he spent three whole days in a dark room without any food.

“That’s all in darkness for three days, and there you can work with your demons and train what you want,” Prochazka told The MMA Hour. “I don’t want to talk about a lot, because that’s like my personal things.

“That’s the biggest fun, because you have to go to the point where time is ending, and I can’t speak about that, because it’s so, not intense, for me, these things are so personal … and holy,” he concluded.

Prochazka has openly spoken about his love for the Bushido spirit and embodying martial arts to the fullest in his career. The UFC Light Heavyweight champ’s performances couldn’t be any better evidence of his mentality, having finished his opponent in all but one of his 29 career victories.

Thanks to his boosted meditation techniques and determination to improve on his last performance, it’s safe to expect a focused and intense champion come fight night.

“It’s very helpful,” Prochazka said. “There is just you and you. No other people. That was my first time when I did that without food, so just with water. It’s much more strong when you’re without food. All the processes in your body is much stronger. Your mind’s working a lot, and you have to die here first.

“And three days, four days, that’s not so much,” he added. “But I’m using that just to recognize who I am really, and then I can start training and pushing to the next level with truly me, more honestly.”