Looks like Conor McGregor is intent on staying out of the boxing fight between his former training partner Dillon Danis and KSI.

The pair are set to face each other on January 14 as part of KSI’s promotion Misfits Boxing.

The pair have been embroiled in a heated feud that has spilled over online, however, one man that couldn’t care less is a certain former Irishman.

McGregor and Danis’ current relationship was questioned by combat sports reporter Ariel Helwani.

Credit: Instagram. The former Bellator fighter appeared on Helwani’s podcast in which he was asked whether he and Conor still talk.

After it appeared that their training relationship may have broken down, McGregor moved to clarify the situation online.

When asked by a fan about why he and Danis’ friendship was being questioned, Conor replied: “I am not too sure. Maybe because of the rartem situation? I’m still rockin with Dillon. All the way!”

And KSI decided that was the perfect in to take another dig at his upcoming opponent.

The YouTuber replied to Conor’s tweet, saying: “I’m sorry but I’m about to do some serious damage to your boy.”

Never one to pass up the opportunity to talk some smack.

However, it seems that the Irish MMA star doesn’t even care that his former protege is even taking on the Englishman.

He replied: “Brother you’re a friendly little nerd I don’t care.

“He should be back doing MMA if he is doing this little nothing burger match with you.

“I couldn’t care less about this genre of boxing, I am sorry. Have a good one.”

Damn, that must be rough for both KSI and Danis to see.

Although a certain Logan Paul was keen to point out that that ‘genre of boxing’ has impressed in the past.

Paul tweeted: “‘Genre of boxing’??

“Boxing is boxing. I’m a YouTuber and still did more damage to Floyd than you.”

Regardless, Danis might want to quickly move his attention back to MMA once he’s done with KSI.