When I was a kid I watched Paul Crewe magically fix Samson’s broken nose in the 1974 Burt Reynolds classic “The Longest Yard” and thought to myself … yeah, that shit would never work in real life.

Blake Perry is here to prove me wrong.

The up-and-coming MMA fighter suffered one of the worst nose breaks in the history of combat sports, right up there with Rich Franklin back when “Ace” got the Mr. Potato Head treatment from Brazilian punisher Anderson Silva.

That’s not the worst of it.

Not only did Perry get his face rearranged during his welterweight showdown against Marcel McCain, which took place at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 4 event last weekend in Stockton, Calif., he allowed attending nurse Will Carpenter to smash it back into place.

Have a look:

Something about being named “Perry” does not bode well for nose health.

The 27 year-old Hawaiian had the testicular fortitude to answer the bell for the second stanza but the referee (mercifully) called the action on the advice of the ringside physician. As a result, Perry drops to 1-1 after scoring a debut win for Bellator MMA last April.