Not for stupidly antagonising the Irons supporter, though, but instead for laughing about the entire ordeal while still recovering in his hospital bed.

Over the weekend, sickening footage emerged online of a mouthy Chelsea getting brutally KO’d outside the London Stadium before kick-off.

With both sets of fans making their way to the stadium, tensions began boiling over when groups started goading each other.

One lad in particular, wearing a black jacket and skinny jeans and appearing to be a Blues fan, was being very verbal and seemingly called out a slightly older gentleman.

Tempers soon flared with a West Ham fan taking exception to the lad’s aggressive actions, clocking him on the chops with a vicious punch which sent the Chelsea supporter crashing to the deck.

He lay motionless on the ground before being placed in the recovery position by two nearby security employees.

Footage of the incident went viral on social media with millions of people viewing it.

The attacker appeared to flee the scene, while other clips showed the drowsy Chelsea fan being carted away in a wheelchair.

Now the lad has shown his face in hospital, trying to see the funny side of things by having a laugh about it – although the same couldn’t be said for his poor mum.

In a new video, the chap can be seen recovering in a hospital bed.

As he giggles into the lens, the camera pans out to show a woman sitting bedside who appears to be a relative.

“It’s not funny, it’s not funny,” she says angrily.

To which the fan replied: “Sorry, sorry. You’ve got to have a laugh?”

But his mum simply wasn’t having it.

“No, it’s not funny,” she snapped back.

To be fair to her, he reaction is completely justified.

Can’t begin to imagine the feeling she must’ve felt in her gut after viewing one of those viral videos of her son being KO’d.

When the footage began flooding social media initially, Chelsea defender Reece James took to Instagram to condemn it.

“The news has crossed my attention that a fan was punched & knocked out before today’s game,” James wrote.

“I totally understand rivalry and the tension between teams in big games but violence is no answer. I hope he’s okay: Appreciate the traveling fans as always. Stick with us and stay safe. See u in Dortmund.”