Chelsea destroyed Borussia Dortmund on social media after knocking the Bundesliga leaders out of the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Graham Potter’s side trailed from the first leg, where Karim Adeyemi scored the only goal in the second half, and needed a big performance against a team unbeaten in ten games.

And whoever was on social media duty for Chelsea’s official Twitter account decided to rub salt in the wounds by trolling their opponents on social media after the win.

Quoting a previous tweet sent from the first leg, the admin wrote: “Anyone for a beer?”

The initial post from 15 February read: “Sorry for the delay, admin’s just been hit by a pint from above.”

It was sent shortly after Adeyemi scored the first goal of the tie at Signal Iduna Park. In celebration, it’s said that a Dortmund fan hurled a pint of beer and it ended up spilling over journalists’ laptops in the press box.

The tweet went viral and garnered over 21,000 likes, with some Chelsea fans demanding the admin get a rise for the bit of banter.

The winning goal came from the spot after referee Danny Makkelie went to the VAR screen awarded a penalty for handball against Marius Wolf, who was yards away from Ben Chilwell.

Image: AlamyHe then went the same side, as did goalkeeper Alexander Meyer, and rolled the ball in to make it 2-0.

He told BT Sport: “I’ve not seen the incident back. From where I was, it looked pretty close. I can’t see where he can go with the hands. It’s a yard or two away.”

“The fact they’ve had a replay, it’s a joke. When you have such a slow run-up, people will encroach. That’s the game I suppose and he’s made a decision.”