A women bought a 12 pack of Prime cans for an absurd £1,200 from Wakey Wanes, who have subsequently been banned from TikTok.

The popular drink, promoted by KSI and Logan Paul, has seen a huge surge in demand and has become difficult to get hold of in the UK.

The Wakefield-based store has since sold a 12 pack of Prime cans to a woman for £1,200 in their latest money-spinning endeavour.

A video, before being removed from TikTok, shows a woman, who travelled from Sheffield, purchasing the cans for an eye-watering fee.

Wakey Wines using TikTok to promote the business and advertising Prime for extortionate prices has resulted in a ban on the social media platform.

The owner of the shop has posted a statement on Instagram, claiming a ‘well-known influencer’ has been trying to ‘tarnish’ his business.

He also said ‘all my videos are for fun’ and said he was making the best of a business opportunity.

He also hit out at ‘some jealous horrible people’.

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI, who returns to the ring on January 14 when he faces FaZe Temperrr, hit out at Wakey Wines for reselling Prime at a ridiculous price.

Speaking in a video uploaded on social media, he said: “Oh my God, no!

“He can’t keep getting away with this! Stop buying it at these prices.”

Former rivals-turned-business partners. Image: Alamy On Capital Breakfast, he added: “I don’t like the resale.

“I hate the reselling so like even when Asda tried to up their prices to £2.50, I was tweeting them like ‘No, no, no. This is out of order. This isn’t Prime doing this. This is Asda.’

“And instantly they brought it back down to £2.”