Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson believes Erling Haaland has already won the Premier League’s Golden Boot and has suggested a second award be introduced for the rest of the strikers.

In fact, for the idea of fairness, the England international is proposing for Haaland to have his own boot and the rest of the league to be in contention for a second ‘Silver Boot’.

Speaking on the BBC’s Footballer’s Football podcast, Wilson said: “As strikers we are competing against that, do you know what I mean? So obviously for a striker you score the most goals, there’s a Golden Boot at the end of the season. That’s out of the picture, that’s gone.

“He needs his own boot and then we need another boot. We need a Silver Boot I think nowadays. We need a little something to make it fair. I think this year, personally, he is going to break the record for the most goals scored in a Premier League season.”

Mo Salah managed 32 goals in first season at Liverpool in 2017/18 but Michail Antonio, West Ham striker and Wilson’s co-host, is tipping Haaland to break the 40-goal mark.

Image: Alamy“I’m saying 45 goals, and I say that minimum,” he stated.

Haaland hit a first-half brace in the Champions League thrashing of Copenhagen on Wednesday and was given a rest for the second half ahead of the clash with Southampton.