Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has addressed his reputation as a ‘moaner’ and managed to destroy Nicolas Pepe in the process.

The midfielder joined United in January 2020 and is one of their most important players, although his form has dipped over the last year.

He went on to break down how his performances were analysed compared to Pepe’s when he joined Arsenal in 2019.

“He (Pepe) had some bad games and everyone was saying, ‘He still has to adapt’,” Fernandes told the Athletic, “but when Bruno was having a bad game, it was just because he was moaning or not focused on the game.

Image Credit: Alamy”For me, that was good, because it meant that I was ready and that’s why they were demanding so much from me.”

Pepe is Arsenal’s record signing and the Gunners splashed £72 million to secure his services from Lille three years ago.

The Ivory Coast international ended up being a huge disappointment however, managing just 27 goals in 112 games, and he joined Nice on a season-long loan last month.

He did manage to win the FA Cup in his debut season though, registering assists in the semi-final and final.

Image Credit: AlamyZaha is one of the Premier League’s most-fouled players and Fernandes thinks it’s only natural for players to do so.

He continued: “I play for Man United, so I know all the cameras are on our players, but everyone in the Premier League does that.

“At Crystal Palace, (Wilfried) Zaha is always moaning at the referee. It is because he gets fouled, so it is normal he moans at the referee. That’s normal! He wants his fouls and for the referee to give yellows.”