Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has been convicted after posting homophobic abuse on his social media accounts.

The 41-year-old was charged by a Parisian court earlier today in relation to a video he posted to his social media accounts following Manchester United’s 3-1 victory against Paris Saint Germain in 2019.

The x-rated video shows Evra directing homophobic slurs towards the Ligue 1 outfit, brandishing the club as “f*****s” and “p****s”.

As per The DailyMail, the Frenchman has been fined €1,000 for publication of the video, whilst he has also been ordered to pay €2,000 in compensation to two anti-hate campaign groups – Mousse and Stop Homophobia – who raised awareness of the video when it was published following the UEFA Champions League clash.

The 39-second rant – which was posted to Evra’s Snapchat account – shows the fired-up Frenchman hurling abuse aimed at PSG, indicating that his former club was more macho than their opponents before before proceeding to direct homophobic slurs at the club:

“Draman, here it’s Manchester Draman. Stop tripping and supporting teams that will never win

“Even my cousin here is mad. He knows, Paris you’re f****ts! You’re f****ts!

“Say it! It’s real men talking here! We put out the D team, the D team and we did you.

“It was kids playing, they’re the ones who cleaned my shoes.

“They don’;t even have sperm yet and you are there Paris… rolling out the red carpet.

“Bunch of f****ts! Bunch of f****ts!”

Evra played for United for eight years. Image: AlamyThe case was brought to the court after being classified as a ‘non-public insult’ and they have now sentenced Evra for his actions.

It was ruled by the judge that the 41-year-old had ‘expressed himself in a private setting for the making of a video which was later posted on Snapchat without his knowledge.’

A statement released by the complainants lawyer read as follows:

‘The homophobic remarks of a personality like Patrice Evra fuel hatred and violence against LGBT people, in particular in countries where homosexuality is criminally repressed, like in Senegal, the country where Patrice Evra comes from’.