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With over 100 year experience in the betting industry, it’s no surprise that Ladbrokes offer betting markets on a huge variety of sports. Customers can bet on popular sports such as football, tennis, horse racing, golf, darts and basketball as well as more obscure sports such as Futsal, volleyball and cycling. There are also betting markets available for E-sports, TV shows and even movies.

As you might guess, our main focus on all of our reviews of any site is the sportsbook. We want to know what kind of betting action they offer, the quality of that betting action, and the ease at which they allow us to make our bets. When we first got to the homepage of Ladbroke’s sportsbook, it was a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it’s going to come down to your personal preference. Let us explain.

When we got to the homepage, it was very “busy.” Basically, there were tons of bet options, big banners, and hundreds of options to choose from. If you’re someone who loves diving headfirst into sports betting and you aren’t overwhelmed by a ton of options, you might be a big fan of the Ladbrokes layout. But, if you’re a casual bettor who likes to take things at your own pace, this might seem like a lot all at once.

Regarding the sports, you can bet on (which we will cover more in-depth in the next section), the list was massive. We had a feeling this would be the case when we saw the sheer number of options available on the sportsbook homepage. If our eyes didn’t fail us, Ladbrokes had 37 or 38 different sports or entertainment categories that you could bet on. As we also suspected, within each of these you had a ton of different types of bets that you could place as well.

If you’re a serious sports bettor who doesn’t mind a cluttered interface in trade for the ultimate in betting flexibility, you’re going to like the Ladbrokes mobile betting platform. Why did we say mobile betting platform? Well, one perk that Ladbrokes does have are physical sportsbook locations that you can bet from, deposit at, or get your withdrawals. Having a brick-and-mortar option attached to the mobile site is pretty awesome.

We’re not sure exactly how many brick-and-mortar locations they have, but we did a quick test search around Camden Town and Regent’s Park in London, and we found 10 different locations that popped up in a small radius. This is pretty awesome in case you like to handle some of your banking or business in person while still having the conveniences of being able to bet online.

Sports You Can Bet On

Where else on the internet can you bet on Japanese, Korean, Mexican, and American baseball? Honestly, we haven’t seen action on any of those leagues except MLB before. We share that little tidbit to set the tone for this section of our Ladbrokes review. The shiny gold medal for the most sports offered that you can bet on easily goes to Ladbrokes. Not only do they have a ton of different sports you can bet on, but they also have a lot of TV, movie, music, and other forms of entertainment that you can wager on.

Esports Coverage

Ladbrokes offers a decent amount of action on esports tournaments and matches. While it was unclear how many different games they offer action on because they only post what they have action available for, they did have action up for several of the biggest games offered. We say bets are available for LoL, CS:GO, and DOTA 2. It’s quite possible that they offer action on other esports games, but it’s tough to see because they appear to only list the upcoming tournaments and don’t have blank placeholders for each game they offer action on. We will check back on this during our next review update and let you know the verdict.

The Things That We Liked

The betting slip is easy to use and simple to make changes on. You can see all of your bets, and you have the option to either turn them into a parlay (multiples bet) or leave them as individual bets. You can bet individual bets and parlays in the same transaction which is pretty cool. A lot of sports betting sites require you to bet one or the other but certainly not both at the same time.

Additionally, if the odds change while you’re waiting to make your bet, it will let you know automatically and not wait until you’re going to click the submit button. This is a pretty nice feature especially if you’re building a parlay and counting on particular odds. With most sites, you don’t find out the odds have changed until you click the submit bet button only to find out that things have changed.

We also like the fact that you can set what you want your Ladbrokes homepage is. That way, whenever you come to the book, it will automatically take you where you want to go. Your only options are default homepage, football, or horse racing, but it’s still a nice touch. This option is available in the top right of the screen by clicking on the gear icon and selecting your choice.

The Things That We Really Weren’t Big Fans Of

The overall feel of the Ladbroke’s betting portal was pretty overwhelming. It feels almost as if they took the entire huge board at your local sportsbook, doubled it in size, and then tried to fit it all on one screen. It’s a lot of numbers coming at you fast. We’re pretty big fans of clean simplicity, and this just doesn’t fit with that mold.

That being said, it’s not unusable by any means. It just means that the learning curve is going to be a little steeper the first few times you go to the site. The one thing we do like in response to this is that they site utilizes breadcrumbs at the top of the page, so if you happen to get lost somewhere you can easily find your way back to where you stared. This might seem like a small detail, but it is one that a lot of other sportsbooks online should really look into employing. Of course, they could just make it much less challenging to get lost.

Ladbrokes does allow you to change all of the odds between fraction and decimal, but for some reason, they don’t give you the option of switching to American odds. We get it that the market they serve is not in the US, but some people still prefer to use those odds. Would it be so hard to at least have the option available in case anyone wants to use it?