Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender Tom Aspinall has mastered the art of cage fighting, racking up a 12-3 record with 12 finishes and blasting his way to No. 6 in the official 265-pound rankings (see them here).

Unfortunately, the English bruiser still hasn’t figured out how sports fandom works, or Twitter for that matter. When a fighter we like wins, we sing it from the rooftops. When a fighter we like loses, we bitch and moan — then assign blame.

Objectivity does not (and should not) exist in the stands.

“Whoever you thought won the main event, doesn’t matter,” Aspinall wrote on Twitter. “The decision is the decision. More importantly we as the fans won, what an honor to watch one of the most technical displays of MMA we have ever seen. Not to mention, the absolute heart and will to win from both fighters. Complaining online isn’t gonna change anything, be happy you got to experience such an epic fight you ungrateful bunch of Fanny’s.”

Ungrateful is trying to muzzle fans who paid $80 to watch UFC 284.

Islam Makhachev was able to outpoint Alexander Volkanovski in their “champ champ” fight last weekend in Perth (highlights). The UFC fanbase was divided over the scorecards and hot takes like this one from Joe Rogan only added fuel to an already raging fire.

One fan had the best reply to Aspinall’s tweet: “I’ll refer to this [tweet] when you lose a decision for the [heavyweight] championship in a fight you won.”

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