Jessica Andrade’s OnlyFans account is no more.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strawweight champion initially jumped on the subscription-based service after “the request from American fans.” Known for being a nudity or pornographic-themed social media site, OnlyFans isn’t exclusively about such types of content, nor is it required. Andrade, however, admits to jumping on board with the trend, albeit against her better discretion.

“I used to have [an OnlyFans account], I don’t anymore,” Andrade told Cortes do Connect Cast. “I never liked doing that, can you believe it? That was really bad for me. Because I have childhood traumas, stuff like abuse, and everything. When I did that (OnlyFans), I felt the same way. I felt my hands were tied, I couldn’t react. Do you know when you freeze? It got very deep into my trauma. And I couldn’t say no.

“I never wanted to do this OnlyFans thing,” she continued. “I hated it, hated it. I had never spoken [about childhood abuse]. Only the closest people knew. Now the whole world will know. But it’s part of it. It was something that really traumatized me and I didn’t know how to say ‘no.’ It referred to me [to what I had experienced in childhood]. When the first pictures leaked it was really bad. Because I had to pretend that I was fine, and I wasn’t fine”

After joining OnlyFans in late 2021, Andrade noted when speaking with MMA Fighting that she was able to pay off her car and six-seven months of rent thanks to her profits from the platform.

Andrade extended her winning streak to three straight at UFC 283 this past month (Jan. 21, 2023), defeating Lauren Murphy via a one-sided unanimous decision.