An Arsenal supporter has decided to fly to Saturday’s north London derby against Tottenham Hotspur due to rail strikes.

Over 40,000 rail workers across Britain are striking as part of a dispute over their pay. Two additional days of action are planned for October 5 and 8 too.

This weekend is the first with a full Premier League fixture for nearly a month, with the early kick-off seeing Arsenal welcome bitter rivals Spurs to the Emirates Stadium.

Getting to the ground will be a struggle for some, but not @ClockEndJack on Twitter’s mate.

The Gunners supporter shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp chat, which showed someone on board a plane at 8:12 this morning.

“Can’t believe you’re actually taking a plane to the game,” someone says.

Five minutes later, the plane is in the air and another message comes through. It reads: “We’re off boys see youse soon.”

Safe to say that modern problems require modern solutions.

Arsenal are currently top of the Premier League while Spurs are third and unbeaten in their seven games.

The last game between these two sides saw Spurs demolish Arsenal 3-0 with a Harry Kane brace and Son Heung-min effort in the second half.

Image Credit: AlamyWhen asked about what makes the north London derby a special game, having played in it as well, Arteta replied: “Many things. I think you have to feel attached and a belonging to the club.

“When you have that feeling, and then you understand the history of the derbies, how both teams were historically created, and what has happened over the years, then that makes it very special.

“I think it’s a very special city, it’s a really special country, very passionate fans and it’s a great atmosphere to play in.”

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