Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies couldn’t contain his laughter while reacting to IShowSpeed and Jesse Lingard’s incredibly wholesome FaceTime chat.

Speed linked up with Lingard during one of his streams, with the YouTuber wasting no time in asking who was better out of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Lingard, who signed for Nottingham Forest in the summer window, played alongside Ronaldo in his final season at Old Trafford.

However, the England international told Speed that an answer in the Ronaldo vs Messi debate isn’t as clear-cut as he would hope it to be.

“Bro, man, you can’t compare them,” Lingard responded.

Speed was far from convinced with Lingard’s response to the question, with the YouTube star hoping to hear only positive things about his ‘hero’ Ronaldo.

The 17-year-old TikTok star, real name Darren Watkins, stayed in his online persona and continued to quiz Forest winger Lingard during their exchange.

Davies was left in stitches on more than one occasion, including when Speed called one of Lingard’s pals Harry Maguire towards the end of the clip.

Alphonso Davies watching IShowSpeed and Jesse Lingard’s FaceTime chat. Credit: Alphonso Davies/TikTok“I love Davies for actually streaming,” one fan said.

Another TikToker wrote: “Speed is such a W.”

Someone else commented: “I remember when a lot of people started switching up and calling him annoying but now everybody likes him.”

While a fourth added: “Imagine Jesse was still at United and Speed called him suey [sic].”

And a fifth posted: “Speed eases my stress with his stuff.”


Speed recently leaked Davies’ phone number by accident on a live stream after he tried to call the Canada full-back.

However, the online streaming sensation was blissfully unaware that he wasn’t making a video, with Davies’ number visible for all to see on the screen.