UFC star Alexander Volkanovski has heaped praise onto Jake Paul ahead of his marquee boxing matchup against MMA legend Anderson Silva.

The Australian put on his interview socks for a change as he spoke to the YouTuber-turned boxer as part of the Main Event podcast.

Paul is set to compete in his biggest challenge yet, taking on a bonafide combat sports icon in Anderson Silva.

Given the internet sensation’s following, it’s a huge matchup to get as many eyes on both sports of boxing and UFC.

Credit: Main Event. And while Paul is often viewed as nothing more than a gimmick by many fans, the UFC featherweight champion had a different point of view.

Volkanovski told Paul: “At the end of the day, this is good for mixed martial arts, it is good for boxing.

“You’re definitely bringing new eyes to the sport which is what we need so I’m always on board with things like that.”

Jake surprised many when he took on the fight against Silva, none more than UFC kingpin Dana White.

Paul spoke to Volkanovski about the UFC boss, claiming that part of the reason he took the fight was to prove White wrong.

He said: “If you remember, Dana White is the one that said I wouldn’t take this fight, he said I would be scared, he said Anderson is one of the greatest strikers in the world.

“So this is largely, in part, is to shut Dana White up, and this is just a really good match-up, it’s going to sell a lot of pay-per-views and it’s a test.

“I love to challenge myself and no one’s going to tune into one of my fights if I’m just fighting a garbage man like how Tommy Fury does or how KSI does.

“I’m the underdog going into this fight, so people are betting against me and I know it’s going to be tough, I know I will have to fight a perfect fight to be able to beat him, but I love a challenge and I love to prove people wrong because I don’t think a lot of people think I can win.”

In contrast to Paul’s previous five fights, this one has been built around respect.

Although that may have been taken a step too far according to many fans when Most Valuable Promotions released a promo video of the two opponents engaging in a dance battle.

Many fans claimed it put the legitimacy of the bout in dispute.

One user commented: “This is a joke of a fight. Predetermined winner as well eww.”

A second wrote: “Silva definitely getting a BAG to lose.”

Another shared a similar sentiment: “Yeah no way Silva wins after seeing this, that man really about to tarnish his legacy by taking a payday SMH.”