Aaron Chalmers has thrown down the gauntlet to Tommy Fury, calling him out to a Geordie Shore vs Love Island boxing match.

Both men, prior to moving into combat sports, spent time on our television screens.

Aaron spent nine seasons on MTV’s Geordie Shore, while Tommy ended up winning ITV’s Love Island alongside now-fiancee Molly-Mae.

Aaron Chalmers. Credit: AlamyAfter their reality TV careers came to end, the pair became athletes in their own right.

Following a stint as a professional mixed martial artist, Aaron has now managed to secure a boxing match against none other than Floyd Mayweather.

As for Tommy, half-brother of heavyweight world champ Tyson Fury, he is about to take on YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul in a grudge match inside the ring.

But despite the challenge that lies ahead of him, Aaron has turned his attention elsewhere with his sights set on a reality TV all-star clash.

“It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to call people out,” he said in an Instagram video.

“Jake Paul or Tommy Fury, I would love the winner or the loser of that fight.

“Tyrone Woodley, come over to England, mate, let’s sell out Newcastle Arena.

“I know Kingpyn are doing a tournament, they’ve announced a couple of fighters – I would love to be in that.

“There’s some big names that I would still love to fight – Salt Papi, AnEsonGib, King Kenny, Jay Swingler, all of them.

“I want to be active so if anyone wants it, I’ve got Floyd Mayweather next week and then after that, I am good to go.

“March, April, May, June, let’s f**king get it.”

With Jake Paul on his mind, Tommy hasn’t issued a response just yet.

Instead, he has sent a warning message to the former Disney child actor who’ll be standing across from him in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy told TMZ: “My message to Jake Paul is good luck and I hope you’ve trained and I hope you got an ambulance on speed dial because you’re gonna need it.

“This is all that’s been in my mind for the past two and a half, three years because I’m a professional, legitimate fighter.

“And my name has been lingering with Jake Paul for quite some time now and Jake Paul is not on my level.

“Jake Paul is not even considered a legitimate fighter and to have my name dragged through the mud with his, I want to prove a point.”

The two will finally battle it out in three weeks’ time on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

He added: “In three weeks, I get my chance.

“I don’t wanna take it both hands, I wanna school this man.

“I’m gonna take him to the trenches and he will be drowned. There’s no way he can last eight rounds in the ring with me.”