A SPORTbible poll has revealed that 40.1% of fans would relegate the club they support so they could witness their country lift a World Cup.

It’s a question that has left social media divided. With World Cup fever in full swing, the debate was sparked when a Leicester City fan was asked if he would relegate the Foxes to see England win international football’s biggest prize.

“Yep, I’ve seen it all,” he told talkSPORT. “Premier League. FA Cup. League Cup. Community Shield. England winning the World Cup is the highest level of football. I’ll retire from football if I see that.”

So, would you sacrifice going down at club level to see your country flourish on the grandest stage of them all?

A whopping 37,678 people voted in the poll that was broadcast for a total of two hours on Monday December 5, with 59.9% of the public saying they wouldn’t relegate their club side for a World Cup win.

That being said, many were surprised to see the amount of people that would sacrifice a relegation for that elusive win on the world stage.

One fan said: “I’d rather City win a league game than England win the World Cup. Club over country every single day of the week,” while another wrote: “I’d rather Arsenal win a throw in then England win anything in my lifetime.”

A third commented: “I love watching England. It would be incredible if we won the World Cup but I’d genuinely rather see Villa get into the Europa Conference League than a WC win so that’s an easy no.”

A fourth said: “I’d rather see my club win the Carabao Cup than see England win the World Cup.”

On the other hand, many would cash that relegation in for a sweet World Cup win.

One fan said: “As a Leeds fan we might get relegated anyway so f**k it, may as well,” while another commented: “This is the 13th World Cup of my lifetime. Middlesbrough have been relegated 7 times in that period: you get over it.”

A third wrote: “I’m a Norwich fan so makes little difference to me. We’ll be relegated at some point anyway so might as well take the World Cup win.”

A fourth said: “I’d take two decades of United losing every game to see India lift the World Cup.”

Xherdan Shaqiri after Stoke were relegated from the Premier League in 2018. Image credit: AlamyLet us know your answer in the comments section. This could get tasty.